Watching the BLM and other protests

We have been  watching the live coverage by mostly free lance journalists of the protests occurring all over the United States.

The YouTube video embedded below is from JacobSnakeUp’s channel with archived live coverage of protests. This one displays several different streams at once from different media folks, and is coverage from yesterday, June 27th. He streams these live just about every night. We would not have known that protests are still going on to such a degree had we not found his live stream.


8 thoughts on “Watching the BLM and other protests

  1. I didn’t know protests were still happening. I support them.

    I know at least one of the Seattle CHOP/CHAZ areas was going to be forcibly broken up because they were basically holding businesses hostage and had a shooting where they refused to let police/EMTs into the area.

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      • I went to the link. For me, it brought up 1 page of someone talking, then they went away; 3 cams of CHOP sites that I looked empty; and the rest were black squares… which seemed like offline cams.

        I’m glad there are still protests but wonder how effective they’ll be without constant news coverage.

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      • We are working at the Jake snake site right now and there are three screens from Louisville two from Seattle and one from CHOP which like you said really isn’t showing anything at all


      • Some nights there are good streams. but you are right there needs to be more media coverage of all these protests if it weren’t for these freelancers we would not have known that the protests were continuing all over the country


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