Hunting for and finding some tasty morsels

We have been putting ears of field corn out on a couple of trees in the backyard. It has been fun watching the squirrels working the corn. They of course knock kernels off the cob, and some are consumed right away. However, most of the kernels were buried, most within about a 30′ radius around the trees.

This little guy was digging up corn kernels today. There has been over an inch and a half of rain in the last 24 hours. Digging up the kernels resulted in very muddy snacks for sure. It was fun watching him dig a kernel up, wipe the mud off and eat. We have enjoyed seeing squirrels burying corn, today we saw this one returning to and excavating a treat or two.

25 thoughts on “Hunting for and finding some tasty morsels

  1. 🙂 Feeding the Fauna. The OTHER Garden. Nature itself. Love it! Love the squirrel. Talk about balance and freedom. They run anywhere and everywhere like the Irish Proverb ~ “May the ground rise up to support your every step… especially when there was no ground there when you began the step.” So nimble and agile. Fast and slow. It’s somehow funny to me when I see then walking or running like a dog or cat rather than their front pair-back pair dance-shuffle. They’re friendly, too. Though, I’ll rarely,I’d ever, Let them climb into my hand. They’ve got some TEEFS, serious chompers. Have seen them lay open someone’s hand like it was butter, and then comes the Red Sea. Other than that self-corrective, I don’t have a cat anymore, and my dog is always on a leash — 125-pound German Shepherd. When I had a cat, a little Feline Bruce Lee Master, the birdbath and the squirrel feeding had to go. Made the Nature odds too unfair as it just made a serve-yourself buffet for him. 🙂 ANd then, the squirrels got smarter, too. They’d sit up in the tree and chatter at him… until he turbo’d up the tree and they scrambled to hop tree to tree… to continue chattering at him, now with him up there. 🙂 Such good memories.

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