Ohio’s historic Clifton Mill

East of Dayton and south of Springfield, Ohio in the tiny town of Clifton you will find the Clifton Mill. This is one of, if not the oldest continuously operating grist mills left in the country. First built in 1802 by Revolutionary War veteran Owen Davis, the mill is still operating, as well as offering a restaurant and store.

The mill in the background

Another feature of this Ohio attraction is the famed Christmas lights display. The day we visited staff were installing what will be a total of four million Christmas lights to the grounds, buildings and walkways.

Workers hanging lights on the rock cliff

Nice log cabin on the grounds

They built their own covered bridge

Honoring the designer of the light show

Historic plaque by the entrance door






We got there just after the mill, restaurant and store closed, but the grounds were still open, so we could see what was going on with the lights installation. Two men were installing lights on the side of the Clifton Gorge rock cliffs. Some lights had already been installed on the roof and sides of the mill itself and other outbuildings.

The Christmas Lights display, photo credit daytonlocal.com

This attraction receives thousands of guests each winter for the music and light show, Santa’s workshop and holiday fun.  The mill is open year round for tours and other events. This is the Clifton Mill website. This award winning attraction would make a nice stop on your Christmas events calendar.

12 thoughts on “Ohio’s historic Clifton Mill

  1. The Christmas lights display is extraordinary. Also, they have a large collection of Santa decorations and the outdoor model railroad is memorizing for the young and old alike.

    Just be selective about what days you go. A weekday, earlier in the season is best. Weekends are packed. I was there once really close to Christmas and it was so busy you could hardly move around.

    You should go!!!

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