An emotional Ohio memorial

Driving through northern Ohio we stopped at a small store for a travel break, Maj spotted not only an antique road grader but a tall monument topped with a proud eagle.

This is the inscription on one of the four panels below the obelisk:


The oldest soldier listed here as mortally wounded in battle was 24

The other three panels are adorned with the names of the local boys who volunteered, where they were killed in battle, and how old they were. Reading these names, the date when their final battle occurred and the location where they were is quite striking. Brings home the impact of the American Civil War.

Turn of the century road grader

On the grounds of the Huntington Township Administration on the intersection of OH-58 and OH-162 you’ll see a dark green long contraption that appears to be a piece of equipment.

This rig is long

Well, Maj spotted this when we were on our way with family from Columbus to outside Cleveland. We stopped at a little store for a break and this grader was displayed across the street. Naturally and not surprising off he went for photos…

So that’s what it is!

Lots of manual controls to set the blade

The Adams Leaning Wheel Grader was invented in 1890, and the company was located in Indianapolis. This design utilized “leaning wheel” which kept the grader blade from slipping while the device was pulled by any suitable tractor. This design revolutionized road base production. Previous to this road grading was performed with a blade mounted underneath a heavily loaded wagon.

This is an ad from a 1910 Adams Company catalog

It is lots of fun to find these kind of displays as you travel around the country. This road grader was in great condition and well maintained.



VFW memorial tank proudly displayed

Many of the Veterans of Foreign Wars posts all over the country have at least one piece of retired military hardware, usually an artillery piece, a tank or sometimes even a  combat aircraft. VFW Post 9473 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio is such a post.

Well maintained tank on a concrete pad

Up close and personal

Nice details visible

Memorial Marker in front of the tank

Watch for the VFW in you area, and if you haven’t yet visited, go on in and thank the members for their service. They all have earned our praise and gratitude.

Local Cantina in Dublin, Ohio

The title might be a tad bit misleading. The title refers not to a generic neighborhood Tex-Mex bar and grill but a specific restaurant named “Local Cantina”. It is a part of a chain of thirteen wonderful Mexican restaurant/bar establishments in and around the Columbus, Ohio area. We were out with family and went to the Dublin location.

Excellent chips and dips to start

We had a large group of 12 (or was it 13?) and we were seated at a long table. Worked for us as we all just wandered around visiting who ever we wanted whenever we wanted. Unplanned family get togethers and meals are the best. The atmosphere was exciting, and the music was not too loud, and of course there were TV’s for those that have to have TV 24/7.

Full bar

Interesting decor


Of course we were also there for some of those great tacos! None of us were disappointed.

Sher’s veggie tacos, left, and Maj’s seasoned beef,, right.

This was a wonderful experience! The ambience is comfortable, the service was very good even though the place was packed. But most important of all, the tacos were very very good, and filling as well. Check out all the locations at the Local Cantina website.


War Memorial cannons in Sullivan Ohio

We were on the way from Columbus to outside Cleveland for a family gathering when Sher reached across me with her phone in hand. I rolled down the window, and the below picture is the result. This is at the intersection of US 224 and Ohio 28.

This is one of the many displays that are part of the National War Memorial Registry. These cannons honor the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Civil War and the Spanish American War. Too bad we didn’t have time to stop.

Methodist Hill Cemetery in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

This cemetery caught our eye as we were driving around Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We were actually going to the VFW to see the tank and this cemetery was adjacent to that.

One of several names of this historic cemetery




Also known as Hill Road Methodist Cemetery, Historic Hill Cemetery, and Reynoldsburg Cemetery, it is located in Franklin County, Ohio. The first burial is recorded to have taken place in 1816. According to the Franklin County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society the last burial recorded was in 1908.

National Road US 40 vintage highway mileage signs

In 1806 an Act of Congress which authorized the construction of the National Road also stipulated that mile markers be installed at regular intervals. These reference sign posts helped travelers know that they were following the correct route. They also indicated the distances traveled and the distance to the next destination.

In Ohio there are several of these ” Mile Markers” information signs, explaining the mile posts that followed the National road from the start in Cumberland, Maryland and ending in East St. Louis, Illinois.

This is in front of the City Admin Building in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

The following text is from the sign, above:   “Whether the letters or numerals were painted or carved, markers followed a standard pattern of showing at the top the number of miles from the beginning of the Road in Cumberland, Maryland. On the next row, they wrote the name of the next big town and number of miles to it. On the left side of the marker, it would show eastbound travelers the next big town to the east. On the right side, it would show westbound travelers the next big town to the west and the number of miles to go. On the lowest level, there was usually an initial and a small number. This indicated the nearest town. It didn’t need to be spelled out, because most people from the vicinity would recognize it from the initial.”

An original we saw 1/4 mile outside of Brownville, Ohio

Made of granite, this is a reproduction set next to the sign pictured above. It is a copy of the original Reynoldsburg mile post







When you travel on US 40, keep your eyes peeled for these old mile posts and for historic information signs. Each state has its own info sign design, the same as each state had its own mile post material.


Father of the modern tomato Alexander Livingston

Alexander W. Livingston (1821-1898), a Reynoldsburg, Ohio seedsman, in 1870 developed the first commercially successful variety of tomato. Known as “The Father of the modern tomato” his lovely house still stands and is part of a delightful park on what used to be the outskirts of Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Built in 1865, now on the National Register of Historic Places

Entrance to the house, which is open for tours

Vintage furnishings in the house

Information sign

The other side

Nice park and trails on the grounds.

This park is no doubt quite lovely in spring when the trees and flowers open up. There are some great old fashioned tire swings and even a teeter-totter for the kids to enjoy, and of course lots of picnic tables. The City of Reynoldsburg has made a great area for recreation for its citizens.


Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

This beautiful Greek Orthodox Cathedral was constructed in 2006 after the local parish community had purchased 17 acres in Reynoldsburg, on the near east side of Columbus, Ohio in 2003.

The main entrance doors and triple domes

The Cathedral’s marquee

Mosaic over north door

Mosaic over south door

Mosaic over the main entrance doors

The history of the parishes is just fascinating, and somewhat hard to follow. Strongly recommend that if you are interested, go to the St. Mary website. Lots of history, lots of photos, and just lots of information. We enjoyed seeing this magnificent cathedral while visiting family.