Turn of the century road grader

On the grounds of the Huntington Township Administration on the intersection of OH-58 and OH-162 you’ll see a dark green long contraption that appears to be a piece of equipment.

This rig is long

Well, Maj spotted this when we were on our way with family from Columbus to outside Cleveland. We stopped at a little store for a break and this grader was displayed across the street. Naturally and not surprising off he went for photos…

So that’s what it is!

Lots of manual controls to set the blade

The Adams Leaning Wheel Grader was invented in 1890, and the company was located in Indianapolis. This design utilized “leaning wheel” which kept the grader blade from slipping while the device was pulled by any suitable tractor. This design revolutionized road base production. Previous to this road grading was performed with a blade mounted underneath a heavily loaded wagon.

This is an ad from a 1910 Adams Company catalog

It is lots of fun to find these kind of displays as you travel around the country. This road grader was in great condition and well maintained.



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