Stevenson Cemetery aka Old Massie Creek Cemetery

We had just left the Stevenson Road Covered Bridge and were on the way to Charleton Mill Bridge when we saw two stone pillars flanking a gravel road heading into a wooded area. Had to check that out, and when we turned into the road we noticed a prominent sign labeling Stevenson Cemetery. Fortunately the road was open, so we drove in.

One of two stone pillars

Detail of the second pillar plaque









This cemetery dates back to 1804 when James Stevenson donated 3 acres of ground for a church and cemetery for the existing congregation that had been worshiping in a private home. A Reverend Armstrong had come from Kentucky in 1800 to start a new congregation in Greene County.

Sunshine lights up a portion of the cemetery

Old stones pictured

Civil War Veteran






The Stevenson Cemetery is probably the oldest one in Greene County. Rev. Armstrong is buried there. As many as 21 soldiers of the Revolutionary War with at least  seventeen soldiers identified, and recent studies indicate there are more not previously identified. Thirty seven War of 1812 and eighteen Civil War veterans are buried here.  In addition many veterans from 20th century conflicts are at rest in Stevenson Cemetery.

The Stevenson family

Daughter of the Stevensons, only lived 2 days







The Xenia (Ohio) Daily Gazette ran a detailed article about the cemetery in May 2017. From that article: “The Cedar Cliff Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has made this cemetery a special project for many years. In 1931, an imposing gateway of colored stones was placed at the entry. Inscription on one pillar states that the D. A. R. erected them, the other has the name of James Stevenson, the donor of the site. The cost was $188. In 1975, a large stone which bears a bronze plaque giving the names of seventeen of the Revolutionary War soldiers was dedicated…

The D.A.R. plaque referenced above

This is truly a historic cemetery. The setting is beautiful and it was very enjoyable walking around the grounds and reading the inscriptions on the many stones.

2 thoughts on “Stevenson Cemetery aka Old Massie Creek Cemetery

    • Thanks, Tim. I’d guess at least 2/3 of the space was open. There were, however a few very recent graves behind the camera on the other side of the road from the large field. Don’t know what or how many plots are available for burials.


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