These have stood the test of time

Two early 20th century concrete posts in rural Greene County, Ohio.

7 thoughts on “These have stood the test of time

  1. The Xenia Gazette had several items in the newspapers from 1915-34 about concrete posts. Henry Slagle opened a company to manufacture concrete blocks and fence posts on North Detroit Street in 1915. The company for the Wilson Staple Driving Concrete Post exhibited at the State Fair in Xenia in 1920, and in 1934 the Gazette ran an item on how concrete posts on the farm can increase property value. Another item gave instructions on how to and how not to run the wire for concrete posts. I love this kind of information, and to think these posts are still there!


      • Thank you so much for the link to the post and the article! I do love pieces of history that may not seem all that important to folks now, but certainly had value at the time. The photographs and information you shared was excellent! Perhaps there are more of those concrete post in that area due to moisture? Wood posts will last forever in the drier parts, but I think would not do so in wetter climes. There is a blog I follow about the slip-formed concrete silos that were constructed in the early 1900s, too, and that topic is fascinating. Many of those were up your way. The blog is Our Grandfathers Grain Elevators and the link is


      • Interesting blog. I am well acquainted with slip form concrete silos, as when I had my Engineering Consulting company I worked several large commercial elevator projects. And there are the old concrete posts all over the Midwest. The posts that remain are usually end posts or corner posts. That old concrete is very weather resistant, as you can tell from the age of the posts. Thanks for sharing… 🙂


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