A very busy day trip

The weather was nearly perfect, not too hot, partly cloudy and a nice breeze. We decide that Sunday would be a great time to get out and have a day trip. Our son put together a tentative itinerary, and we hit the road late morning. It was sure nice having our son driving.

Soybean fields, forests and a covered bridge

We had quite a day, long in time but most enjoyable. We saw several historic bridges, which you know we enjoy visiting. A country church was a nice stop. We also visited some of the shops in Nashville, Indiana, a huge tourist mecca in south central Indiana. (Yep, two fudge shoppes!)

More deer images coming

We also had a couple of wineries planned. In addition, we found a distillery we were not aware of. Turns out is is well known, and had a marvelous tasting event and enjoyable grounds. In addition we were blessed with the sightings of quite a lot of wildlife and frankly a few surprises as well. Stay tuned, we have several posts on the way!

9 thoughts on “A very busy day trip

  1. That deer looks like it’s saying “Oh dear!” because you said, “not too hot…” Summers aren’t cool anymore. Summertime now equals eternal heatwave and misery. And here you are out enjoying yourselves and saying it was “nearly perfect” weather. You gotta get with the times a be hot and miserable when you are out and about.

    I’m happy you had a great time in nearly perfect weather and got two fudge stops in. By the way “Soybean fields, forests and a covered bridge” would make a great line in a song.

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