The Forsythe Covered Bridge, aka Forsythe Mill Bridge

We found yet another one of those magnificent 1880’s covered bridges, this one again in Rush County, Indiana. The Forsythe Bridge, also known as the Forsythe Mill Bridge spans Big Flatrock River in the southeast corner of the county. This bridge was built by E. L. Kennedy bridge building company. Emmet Kennedy was one of the sons of Archibald M Kennedy, premier bridge builder from Rush County.

The Forsythe Bridge over Big Flatrock River

A long view of the Burr- Arch truss system

A look outside over the river below






We spotted Maj shooting the video of the river and the bridge

This bridge is 196 feet long, as noted designed with the typical Burr-Arch truss system. This bridge was one of six bridges that all were registered on the US National Registry of Historic Places. All six of the bridges were constructed by the Kennedy family, and were registered at the same time in 1983.


19 thoughts on “The Forsythe Covered Bridge, aka Forsythe Mill Bridge

    • Check out It is a website that lists historic bridges, those still standing and those already gone. Easy to search by state and county. YOu might like it… 😉


  1. They, the covered bridges, are so fascinating to a girl from Australia. The first time I saw them was in the movie ‘The Bridges of Madison County’. So ‘old world’, and very special.


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