The Homer Covered Bridge saga

Yes, this marvelous covered bridge has what can be described as a life history of epic proportions. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version: Built in 1881 over Mud Creek in Rush County Indiana. Floated away during the flood of 1892, ended up downstream in a field. Farm owner turned the bridge into a barn. Barn started falling apart over the years. Local Pioneer Engineers (antique farm machinery club) dismantle bridge/barn and rebuild it on their grounds as a pedestrian bridge in 2009. Bridge saved!

Used as a barn in 2008, photo courtesy

Rebuilt on new location at Caldwell Pioneer Acres







This bridge, originally built by A.M. Kennedy and Sons is constructed with Multiple King trusses. These are not the more common Burr Arch trusses used by Kennedy. Surprisingly, the lumber in the trusses was still in excellent condition after time and floods. Only the foundation lumber needed total replacement, along with siding and roofing.

Good view of the Multiple King trusses. Note the diagonals notched into verticals

Reproduced name and date on the reconstructed bridge

” For Machinists, Steam and Pump Fitters Work. Go To W.H. Moffett & Co.”

The advertisement sign above had made it through the years and was noticed when the bridge timbers were salvaged at the farm where the 1892 flood had placed the bridge. It survived all those decades. Now the sign, as well as the bridge itself, continue to provide a nostalgic look back into Indiana history.


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    • That had to be a surprise when he saw that bridge in his field! Who would have thought in 1892 that in 2010 that waterlogged bridge would be a walking only bridge at a place that was still using 1892 era farm equipment?

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