Warm sunny day with flowers and whirligigs

We finally had a wonderful day, suitable for enjoying the outdoors in our backyard. Even though it was rather breezy, the sunshine and temperatures near 80 made for a most comfortable session on our canopy covered swing.




Our son surprised us with another colorful and striking cut flower arrangement. This time we were treated with some multi-colored daffodils in addition to the beautiful yellow blooms. It was a treat to look upon them while we enjoyed some bird watching and squirrel watching too.

While looking at birds on the feeder, I felt something hit my arm. Looking down I saw a cluster of “whirligigs” or “helicopters”, in other words maple tree seeds. Our maple tree literally covers our yard each spring with these fun adaptions to Nature’s procreations. We’ve already noticed many new maple seedlings sprouting from last years crop of fliers.

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