Colonial is good Bread

Old advertisements have always been popular, it seems. Keep your eyes open and you never know when you’ll spot a piece of pure Americana.

The back of the oval sign says “Thank You”

We found a nice example of a vintage (pre 1958) functional advertisement in the form of a working wooden/screen door on the Whistle Stop Cafe in Osgood, Indiana.  The well worn metal cross piece proudly announces that “Colonial is good Bread”. Colonial Bread began in 1928 in Oklahoma City. The name was changed to Rainbo Bread in 1958 when the recipe was changed.

Complete Colonial Bread screen doors are bringing quite a lot on the online sites like ebay, Pinterest and Etsy. Just the signs without doors also command high prices.


5 thoughts on “Colonial is good Bread

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  2. My favorite old bread memory involves the Omar Man. That truck rolled through my grandparents’ little Iowa town once or twice a week, and we could buy huge cinnamon rolls for a nickel. A different sort of memory involves an uncle who drove a bread truck for a different company. I can’t remember now which one it was. Suffice it to say it became a family scandal when it was discovered he’d been delivering more than bread to a woman on his route!


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