Another Indiana Bison-Tennial statue

Indiana’s Bicentennial was celebrated in 2016. As part of the celebration, fiberglass statues of bison were made available to each of Indiana’s counties. Local artists decorated them with themes and scenes of the local area and features. We have seen several of these during our travels around the state.















We discovered this one in Osgood, Indiana, in south central Indiana. Named Ozzy, this bison was decorated/painted by Nancie Scott Davis. The bison Ozzy stands proudly on a gravel path with a beautiful mural on the wall of the adjacent building.

28 thoughts on “Another Indiana Bison-Tennial statue

  1. We have a beefalo farm here, where they keep a life-size bison statue on the farm porch. Fun! The also have a rescued camel in the fields….Just didn’t want you to think that you Indiana-ins (?) have all the fun! 😉


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