Treat yourself to the best

This barn’s Mail Pouch paint job is fading fast.

A Mail Pouch Barn is a barn with one or more sides painted with the slogan:





Starting in 1890 the Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company of Wheeling West Virginia began offering farmers a bit of cash and a years supply of their Mail Pouch chewing tobacco in exchange for painting at least one side of their barn with their slogan. Even without the cash or product, a free coat of paint helps keep your barn siding protected, and this deal would look inviting.

The advertising campaign continued until the mid 1990’s. Over 20,000 barns in 22 Midwest and Southeastern states were painted during that 100+ year run. If you have any of these in your area or when you spot one while traveling, take a look. They won’t be around forever, and are an interesting slice of American rural history.


30 thoughts on “Treat yourself to the best

  1. I’m so old that this post brought back the old, old joke from childhood. First, we’d call a store. Then, it went like this: “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” If the answer was “yes,” we’d say, “Well, you’d better let him go!”

    If we got bored with that, we could call anyone and ask if their refrigerator was running. If it was, of course we suggested that they go catch it.

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  2. Now that was a deal! My friends and I tried Red Man chewing tobacco when we were around 12 years old. We all got sick and had an unforgettable puke fest. Just the smell of that stuff makes me want to heave.


    • Ah yes, that first chew was something spectacular. Mine was age 11 from a dried out pouch of Beech-Nut that a friend had hooked from his dad’s workshop. Four of us finished off what was left. Dad asked me what brand I chewed when I didn’t “feel like eating” that night at the supper table. I didn’t know I had a tell tale stain on the corner of my mouth.

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