The old hardware store is now a pub

The building is a 3 story brick with a full basement, built in 1890 and home to the J.G. DePrez Co. a family owned hardware store for years. Like many small town stores, it fell prey to shopping malls and interstate highways allowing easy access to those big city malls. The hardware store closed decades ago.

Pudders is in the white building on the left. Note the DePrez name on the brick in the upper right

Now a portion of the first floor houses a delightful restaurant and, in the back a separate bar room. Named Pudders, this business is located on the Public Square of Shelbyville, a small town in central Indiana. It has been in business since 2019, and has enjoyed a strong local following.

Full bar serving restaurant

Fresh made chips smothered with good stuff

Vegetable Wrap and fries. Wrap is loaded!

Fresh cod “Fish and Chips” with cole slaw







Now that the pandemic is slowing down, Pudders has live music each weekend and periodic trivia nights. Their menu offers an assortment of burgers, wraps, salads, wings and tons of appetizers. We had a small group of family members together for a late afternoon meal. Every meal was delicious and portion sizes were very generous. It is always nice to see older buildings in small towns occupied with locally owned businesses.

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      • They were built to last. And they can be a pain to keep up. They are not energy efficient, either. Speaking of energy efficiency, we’ve been through a full billing cycle since I replace all 144 fouresnce light fixtures in our new office building with LED fixtures. Power consumption was 80% lower than the previous billing cycle.


      • The max wattage when the fixtures were florescent was 17,280 (120 watts/fixture). The max wattage with the LED fixtures set at 25 watts each is 3,300. That is a 5.24 times reduction in max wattage.

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      • One of our new evaluators said that a lot of buildings rely on the heat from incandescent bulbs to assist with heating the building envelope. Changing to LED bulbs messes up the heating and pipes in the roofs can end up freezing. I hadn’t thought about that kind of issue. Not an issue in our building.

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  1. So nice to see the building repurposed instead of demolished. Our downtown has some solid old buildings from that era – the HS design classes always have to do a tour and then choose one to do a report on… our historical building society is very active and makes sure that the buildings are kept up…

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