Public art is everywhere in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, Indiana is a suburban city immediately north of Indianapolis. Known as the roundabout capital of the U.S. with 140 of those wild traffic routes, the city is also known for its many pieces of public art.  Fifteen of these works of art are by Seward Johnson,  an American artist known for trompe-l’œil painted bronze statues. Other artists also have public art displayed.

“Ambassador of the Street” by Seward Johnson, placed 2012, cost $78,000

“Spring Eternal” by Jerry Joslin, placed 2010, cost $49,975

“Things To Do” by Seward Johnson, placed 2008, cost $80,000

“Who’s In Charge” by Seward Johnson, placed 2008, cost $88,000

Even bike racks have become “art” in Carmel

The day we were in Carmel the weather was not conducive to enjoying street art. We’ll return on a day without cold rain and see more of the many other public art displays. There is some controversy about the people street statues, as not all taxpayers feel that they are worth the price.

21 thoughts on “Public art is everywhere in Carmel Indiana

  1. Those statues look so real. They also have a policeman near one of the crosswalks I thought was real.I also remember there is a guy on a bench reading a newspaper that looks like the real thing. They have an art festival and Porch Fest every year. Porch Fest is worth the trip. People in the Arts District open up their front porch to local musicians. You walk from porch to porch until you find something that tickles your ear,

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  2. I love Seward Johnson’s work. He created a sculpture park called Grounds for Sculpture near Trenton, N.J. Sometimes you could go there and find him wandering around talking to visitors. Unfortunately he died a year or two ago. I’ve done two or three blog posts with photos of his sculptures.


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