Even with masks we liked the Van Gogh show

Masks were required for admittance to the Van Gogh experience at Newfields 4th floor gallery called The Lume. We went this week, and even with masks we enjoyed ourselves immensely. You can read another post about our adventure here.

Bench seating in the gallery enabled us to sit as long as we wanted.

Sher checking out the Van Gogh bedroom table, right from the painting!

While insuring social distancing we dropped our masks for this photo op in the Van Gogh bedroom

A highlight was seeing up close and personal Van Gogh’s painting “Sheaves of Wheat”, 1890

15 thoughts on “Even with masks we liked the Van Gogh show

  1. Ooo! There weren’t these really awesome looking life-sized paintings at the show I went to!These photos are awesome! They also checked each person’s vaccination card and ID at the door at the exhibition I went to downtown. I find it really fascinating how this is being shown in cities across many continents. What a great tribute to this artist!


      • The areas I frequent and am “carded” (interesting term for it… You make me feel young! 😂) in are Santa Clara County (known as Silicon Valley) and Alameda County (known for San Francisco) here in NorCal. I generally eat outdoors in SF but have seen people get “carded” to eat indoors. I guess Indiana is very different but at least they are requiring 😷. It’s fascinating to me when I drive hundreds of miles down the state to see family and stop at gas stations where there are travelers from everywhere and there are both 😷 and unmasked shopping in the gas stations. In my county, it is not commonplace to see people without a 😷 indoors. I even remember meeting someone traveling from Georgia at a park once and remarking how much safer she felt here because of the normality of wearing a 😷.


      • First: Glad we made you feel young! LOL We have seen a wide variety of mask/no mask in Indiana. Some places, like the museum require for entrance. Public transportation here still requires masking (Is that a term?) Our take here is that in a lot of cases, it is up to you if you wear/don’t wear. When we were in Seattle last fall, most places masks on everyone. Then at Austin, not nearly as many. And does the covid bug know to leave us alone when we are eating or drinking and our masks are down? Never have figured that one out. Thank you for sharing and joining in the conversation.

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