Indianapolis Newfields The Lume: Van Gogh experience

Today we thought we’d share some more of the visual displays at The Lume: Van Gogh interactive show at Newfields (formerly Indianapolis Museum of Art). This is the link to yesterday’s post.

The video above is a short one, but it does give a real flavor of the types of visuals that were presented in the digital presentation. This is one of Van Gogh’s self portraits.

Self portraits by Vincent van Gogh

Many of the panels in the presentation were of the many portraits that Van Gogh painted, both self portraits and of other people. He was very prolific with his portraiture works. The one above with the straw hat was painted in 1887.

His painting of his bedroom in Arles, France

A life size portrayal of his bedroom

Sher checking out the table in the painting!








The whole experience is not an end all biography of Van Gogh. Several panels provide short paragraphs similar to chapter titles, preceding examples of his works in the referenced time frame. There are lots of other sources of detailed information, including detailed descriptions/stories about specific paintings. It is a marvelous visual and auditory experience, and in our opinion a wonderful way to spend an afternoon at the museum.


19 thoughts on “Indianapolis Newfields The Lume: Van Gogh experience

  1. There is a Van Gogh Experience in Minneapolis. I wish my health allowed me to go.
    I spent the better part of two years with Leonard Nimoy and his one man show VINCENT. But even before that Vincent was one of my favorite artist.


  2. Sounds like you really enjoyed it! Of course having to tear your self away from many of the displays is difficult – I’d have liked to stay for much longer…. When we went there was no COVID and the crowds were crushing and they made you move on even if you wanted to tarry…


    • Well then we were blessed as we never had more than 8 to 10 people anywhere in the same gallery room. Most crowded space was the gift shop. As far as the other floors of the museum, we saw less than a dozen people. Guess on the first above freezing day in a while (It hit 60 in the PM) most did outside stuff.


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