The Lume: Van Gogh

We thoroughly enjoyed and were enthralled with our adventure today at The Lume Van Gogh interactive display at Newfield’s Indianapolis. The word “display” is woefully inaccurate in describing the 30,000 square feet (covering the entire fourth floor of the Museum) immersive event. One hundred and fifty projectors show the visuals on the walls and floors of the rooms, transforming two dimensional paintings into three dimensional experiences.

Notice the scale: the dark figures are people walking through the gallery

Each video segment was accompanied by intrinsically beautiful musical pieces. There were strategically placed benches on each of four sides of the building columns. We found a bench with a good view of two different gallery rooms. Note that the life history of Van Gogh was presented, focusing on the different phases of his painting creations.

The video above, of a Dutch landscape, was augmented with animation and of course music. The video below captures examples of his painting of flowers and plants.

One blog post is inadequate to share our delightful adventure today. We’ll have more reporting coming, got tons of pictures and video clips to go through. Indianapolis is fortunate to have both the space and support facilities for a show such as this.

39 thoughts on “The Lume: Van Gogh

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It really is a powerful experience and one that surpassed my own expectations. Imagine my horror when I overheard someone say “I can’t believe that’s it. They made it sound better than that.” Sigh.


  2. I appreciate your review of the Lume at Newfields. As a Van Gogh fan and one who has read much about his life and painting, I found it to be an over extended time wasting event offering nothing of value. Although the technology is rather cool, the show didn’t offer much of any details into the life of Van Gogh or how or why he painted. It was designed to be a ‘stunning’ visual display and marketed as such. Yet, it was just a boring show with very poor animation. I did, however, find the film of the ballet dancer visually stunning (if they showed that when you were there). Overall, the Lume is a total waste of valuable museum floor space. The only item I did find valuable was the Cafe, that was wonderful.


  3. I can imagine that it was an amazing experience. I would not mind at all to be able to see it. That is the only thing that I miss with living in the sticks, the art. But I can find it on WordPress with other bloggers. 😉
    🙂 I am looking forward to the other photos and videos!


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