This ferry ran from 1802 to 1978

Aurora, Indiana and Petersburg, Kentucky were connected for nearly two centuries by ferry that transported people, vehicles and goods back and forth across the Ohio River. From the first two horse powered days until the 15 car ferry in service at the end, the Aurora Ferry Company provided uninterrupted service seven days a week.

The history of the ferry

This canoe with the accompanied bronze plaque makes up a memorial marker for a long time icon of the Ohio River. From 1802 to 1978 a ferry ran back and forth across the Ohio. You can see this on the Ohio River Scenic Highway that runs along the river through Aurora, Indiana. The bridge that killed the ferry is out of sight in the background.

12 thoughts on “This ferry ran from 1802 to 1978

  1. The same is happening here in Denmark. We are a country consisting mainly of islands and a large peninsula with connection to Germany. There is a large number of small ferries and larger ferries connecting the islands, which by and by get replaced by bridges. Now they even want to build a bridge or tunnel over to Germany, which i consider as madness. Especially as none of the other countries, who would be using the bridge/tunnel want to chip in to finance it (Sweden, Germany). Luckily people here are using the small ferries, as they often are shortcuts, so they are still running.


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