The Carroll Lee Cropper Memorial Bridge

Interstate 275 is the beltway that runs around Cincinnati, Ohio. A portion of this beltway crosses the Ohio River 20 miles west of downtown as it runs between Indiana and Kentucky. In 1968 construction began on a four lane continuous steel arch-shaped truss bridge. It was completed in 1977.

Approaching the bridge, Kentucky ahead

The bridge is 1,759 feet long, with its largest span being 758 feet. The official name is the Carroll Lee Cropper Memorial Bridge. Carroll Lee Cropper was a judge in Boone County, Kentucky,  where the bridge lands on the Kentucky side of the river. Cropper was judge for 20 years starting in 1942.

Looking downriver from the bridge, you can see the pier at the Lawrenceburg landing in the water. The pier is the header picture at the top of this post.

We crossed this bridge twice on our day trip last weekend. It is quite impressive, and stands out when you are on the riverfront in Lawrenceburg looking up river toward the bridge. This is also the bridge that ultimately was responsible for the end of service of a small local ferry.

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