Historic and haunted Stanwood Hotel and Bar

Several years ago we found this neat old place in the historic town of Stanwood, Washington. Stanwood was originally a lumber, mining and shipbuilding town. The Hotel was first opened in 1894, and a plaque on the front of the building proudly proclaims the local historical society taking note.

Stanwood Hotel and Bar

The hotel has a rather raucous history as you might expect from what in reality was a frontier town. Over the years some unseemly characters took part in rather unseemly activities at the hotel and bar. Some of these events have led many to believe that spirits of the past still roam the bar and hotel. Current staff and patrons have reported repeatedly seeing apparitions in Victorian age clothing. Some have been pulled at and pushed. I personally had a weird feeling of being observed in the hallway to the restrooms, an area with lots of reports of activity. Paranormal investigators have been here with results that are hard to refute.

Dark door to back hallway were stuff happens!

Great fish and chips






Our pre-snack refreshments


Today the bar offers some of the best ‘Bar Food” in the state. We stopped here after our trip around Camano Island for a snack. My snack turned into a full order of delicious fish and chips. Sher had what turned out to be a huge basket of the best fries we’ve had in a long time. Hat’s off to our bartender: she makes a great margarita!

The Stanwood is now back as a full service hotel. All the second floor rooms have been remodeled with modern baths. Not only can you get a great meal, but you can stay in a piece of Washington’s history. Check it out, they also have live music sometimes.

29 thoughts on “Historic and haunted Stanwood Hotel and Bar

  1. Y’all have been to some of the coolest places! Have you ever been to Central City, Colorado to see the face on the bar room floor? My mother felt a ghost there, and incredibly, the face on the floor looked very much like she did when she was in her 40s.


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