Delivered lunch makes it easy

Greek Fries and Avgolemono soup

Use their flatware

Sometimes it is easier to take care of lunch with a phone app to order your lunch delivered. We did that yesterday by way of the Kafé Neo Greek Restaurant  in Mill Creek. (Yes, we’re still in Seattle area.)


Roasted lamb gyro

Vegetarian gyro

This fine Greek restaurant has a great lunch menu with plenty of variety for any tastes. Ordering for delivery has several benefits. Sounds funny, but you can use the flatware from the restaurant. That’s several pieces of your silverware that you won’t need to wash! Plus you don’t have to get out of the house, and can continue whatever you are doing. Sher and I realize that it seems like we’re becoming a travel and food blog. So be it, you have to eat, and we are enjoying new culinary experiences.

We were very satisfied with our selections from the Kafé Neo. The gyros were quite large, and ingredients delicious. The Greek Fries were topped with Feta and came with a unique dipping sauce. I particularly enjoyed the chicken with rice Avgolemono soup. If you’re looking for either inside dining, carryout or delivery the Kafé Neo will be a good choice. Here is their website.

16 thoughts on “Delivered lunch makes it easy

      • I haven’t either. I was referred to a dermatologist a few weeks age. I noticed the dermatologist had a Greek last name. When she came in the exam room she said “I know you!” Do you remember me? It took me a while. She’s 7 months pregnant and was wearing a mask. Finally I remembered. She’s the daughter of the owners of a Greek Restaurant that was downtown. I’ve know her mom and dad for 30 years. She and her brother worked at the restaurant when they were in high school before going off to college. I hadn’t seen her since 2012. Her parents closed the restaurant in 2014. It was a successful, popular restaurant, but after 30 years it got to be too much for them.


      • Before I had my stem cell transplant in 2016, I had to go to a psychiatrist to be certified that I was of sound mind to make the decision to do the transplant. The psychiatrist walked in and said “I remember you! We worked at the hospital in housekeeping when we started college.” I didn’t remember him, but he definitely knew me. He said he remembered I was the brave one who would clean the morgue after autopsies. That was correct.


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