Paranormal ghost in a haunted farmhouse

We have always been interested in the subject of things paranormal. We still enjoy the ghost investigation shows on TV. In the past we have traveled to and enjoyed haunted sites and locations and still do. The story below relates an encounter that Maj had in 1975.ย 

Picture a small frame house, built in 1865, located at the top of a small rise next to a river. The house is a typical story and a half: two bedrooms upstairs, gabled ceilings, accessed by a very narrow and steep stairway. The top of the stairway faces the door to one bedroom, turn sharp right and you are in the second bedroom. Downstairs are three rooms and a bathroom (of course a newer remodel). As you look at the front of the house (south facing), you see a porch, formerly screened but now glassed in, leading to the main room. To the left, or west facing, there is a door from the kitchen leading to a concrete “deck” covered with a roof and screen. At the time of my encounter, the front porch was just screened in, and there was nothing but a concrete deck on the west side.

How the house looked in 2009

My dad and stepmother lived here for a time. During one of my visits, the subject of ghosts and hauntings came into the conversation. Dad mentioned that he and my stepmother have heard a ghost inside the house, usually within a day or two of them hearing an owl hooting in the middle of the night. Hmmmm, I thought. Well, the next night we heard an owl. Hmmmm, I thought again. After a hard days work, I was bushed, and fell asleep upstairs almost immediately as soon as my head hit the pillow.

At approximately 2:30 in the morning, I awoke, realizing that I was troubled, and frankly afraid, for no apparent reason. I lay in bed, and then I heard a door open and shut. (As I write this, my hair is starting to stand on end!) Anyway, after I heard the door, I then heard “heavy” foot steps. The steps came out of the kitchen, into the living room, under the bedroom I was in, and then back to the bottom of the stairway. I’m really starting to freak out now, and then the footsteps started up the stairs. Slow, heavy, and very clear. I’m looking, but the room is pitch black. The steps come to the top of the stairs, go into the other bedroom, back out and down the stairs. The sound of the steps stopped in the kitchen. I did not get much sleep the rest of the night.

“1865” cut into an attic vent

Next morning over coffee I asked Dad if he had heard anything. He hesitated, and then said “You heard him too, huh?” The ice broken, we shared our versions of what we had heard. Both of our versions matched, except Dad had not heard the footsteps going into the kitchen on the way “out”. We decided to do a little experiment, as we did not know which door our visitor had entered during the wee small hours of the morning. There are two different doors leading into the kitchen, by the way. I went back upstairs, lay down in bed, and listened while Dad opened and closed both doors. I had him do each twice, as the sound of neither door sounded like the door I had heard open and close! Thus, another mystery.

That evening the three of us were sitting on the concrete deck off the kitchen, enjoying a beautiful end to the day. As we were talking, I happened to look at the side of the house, above the kitchen door. There, faint but visible, was evidence on the side of the house that was obviously the remnants of where an old porch roof or shed had been attached to the house. I pointed this feature out to Dad. He sat there a minute, then said “That can explain the door sound you could not recognize.” I had thought the same: the sound of the door I heard was in fact the sound of a door that was not there anymore.

Our visitor was benevolent, I’m sure. He was, in my opinion, just checking on someone or something. I heard him one other time, as he was on the way downstairs. Guess I slept through his walk up the stairs. I never heard the door again, but I am sure for whatever reason, he is still checking up on this house.

45 thoughts on “Paranormal ghost in a haunted farmhouse

  1. Wow, this was a bit creepy to read. This stuff does indeed go on although I’ve not heard or seen anything to date. I happen to be watching Ghost Adventures just now! Zack Bagans owns a creepy museum here in Las Vegas, you may know that. I won’t go there!

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  2. spooky or what? Thanks for sharing. The closest I have come to anything paranormal was on my wedding day in 1975, We were sitting round a table with our witnesses (i.e. 4 people at that point), when suddenly – without it being touched or the table being touched by any one), one of the glasses burst into 100s of splinters. I think one of the witnesses had a very small cut on her lower arm. mmh – I later read that it’s a Jewish tradition to deliberately smash glass for good luck at a wedding. But neither applied here, I am very happy to report the marriage was over 2 yrs later. Phew. Although I had found the right man to have a son with. That also remains true. Thanks for inspiring the memory. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I believe that my mother has visited us before, she loved my husband and took our wedding picture and my husband’s graduation picture. We took all the pictures off the walls to paint and when we were ready to put them back up again those two were missing.


  4. Sometimes the town Historical Society can lend a hand researching former occupants of a house. The town we lived in back in Connecticut apparently got calls about this kind of thing. I’ve seen and heard some odd things that can’t be explained myself.


  5. I really love such ventures into the ghostly unknown, especially now as Halloween approaches.

    I have long been an interested believer in the extradimensional phenomenon of spirits, enough so to write a few ghost stories (not formally published, but posted on my blog). My fandom was unabashedly amplified by the fairly new TV series Paranormal Caught on Camera. When watching the various captured footages of this particularly interesting form of the unexplainable, I, nonetheless always with a critical eye, apply strings-attached (or translucent fishing-line) theories or explanations.

    When you have so much completely automated security surveillance, etcetera, camera footage submitted by different sources catching the most astonishing images, it is unreasonably difficult (at least for me) to discount the phenomenon in its entirety.


    • So true that there is so much more “evidence” from the tech devices available now for both casual and “pro” investigators. We are amazed at that Ovilus gadget that allegedly translates into English what an apparition is saying. Thank you very much for your visit and detailed comment.

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      • As fascinating as is the ghost-voice translator, especially when it translates some creepy stuff, its accuracy to me is still a bit too fantastic to believe. The “K2” EMF meter, however, is considerably more plausible tech.


      • When I first saw this used on one of the Ghost TV shows, I thought “Whaaat? How does that work?” I still have the same questions when I still see it used. You can find them on Amazon, no surprise there. Thanks for chiming in to the discussion, the EMF is another thing.

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