Pecans coming when?

We picked up some free tress recently from the local Conservation Service and state DNR. This pecan sapling took a couple of weeks to get going, but it now has some strong leaf growth. According to the experts, you need two pecan trees to produce pecans. Don’t know if we’ll get another one growing or not.

10 thoughts on “Pecans coming when?

  1. Cute little sapling. Pecan trees are monoecious, so they can self pollinate, but they say the yield is not very good when pecans self pollinate. Do pecans grow well in your area? We have a lot of pecan farms south of Albuquerque on the way to Socorro.

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  2. Maybe the male & female trees don’t have to bee (typo.. leaving it) close and yours will grant you pecans.

    It’s only within the last couple years that I learned avocado trees are the same way. Fortunately, there are many around here.


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