Now that’s a street sign

No green and white street signs on a pole for this intersection! This brick pylon with stone street signs is in the little town of Boggstown, Indiana, south east of Indianapolis.

17 thoughts on “Now that’s a street sign

  1. Indianapolis… that takes me back; 30 yrs ago, I spent two weeks in high summer there, in the Carmelite monastery, very open-minded they were – somebody in conservative Wales later said they were ‘way-out Carmelites’. I think their building was sold a few yrs back and the remaining Srs have moved elsewhere. I liked the Children’s museum in Indianapolis. πŸ™‚


    • as for the monastery, all I remember it was a huge building, made to look like early 19th century and something in Avila; purpose-built as a Monastery. The10 or so Srs were rattling around in there. The part of the architecture I liked best was the court yard. Could well be a hotel or nursing home now. Just hope they improved the air conditioning πŸ™‚


    • got curious myself and found on the web site an interview from 2016 with 5 remaining Sisters from Indianapolis (and a picture of the building). 4/5 I do remember; nice to see them and ‘doing without’. πŸ™‚


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