This mill opened in 1821

Red Mills was a functioning grist mill from 1821 until the early 1970’s. Located in Shelby County, Indiana, the mill operated on Sugar Creek north of the little town of Boggstown.





For decades the mill had been a magnet to artists who used the mill as the object of countless paintings, both oil and water color. Sher and I had enjoyed lunch at a restaurant in Greenwood, and on the way home decided to take a little drive through the country. The attached photos are the result.

The scale shed received and weighed all of the wagons of grain brought to the mill by the local farmers. Today you can get to Red Mills by exiting on London Road off I-74, (east of Indianapolis) then head south. Soon you will see a brand new bridge on your right. Continue south and about 100 yards later you will make a sharp right hand turn and be at the Red Mills.

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