Quite a bit of rain from the storm

Yesterday and last night Indiana suffered through some damaging severe thunderstorms. We were fortunate in that we suffered no damage, yet there was a very large tree down the block that blew over, fortunately missing any structure.

Our wheelbarrow was empty yesterday before the storms came through. This is what I found at 8 AM this morning.

Baseball size hail was reported (and photographed) near Indianapolis, and as of this morning there were still thousands of customers without power, and a few tornados reported as well. The good thing is that rain was needed. We officially recorded 3 inches, while some Southern Indiana counties recorded 7 + inches.

38 thoughts on “Quite a bit of rain from the storm

  1. That’s a good bit of rain, glad there was no damage, we have had no rain for a month, which is quite remarkable for the UK lol it’s 5am Sunday morning, dog woke me up wanting to go out, and won’t due to the finest drops of rain you can imagine

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