Mallow Run Rhubarb wine

It was time to open the bottle of Rhubarb wine that we purchased at the Mallow Run Winery yesterday, catch up on that story here. We were interested in the Rhubarb wine after reading about it on the winery website.

It is listed as their number one seller, sweet, but with that unique Rhubarb zing. They recommend pairing the wine with a cheese plate or green salad.

It is unique and delicious! We are having it with Triscuit crackers and we love the sweet Rhubarb taste.

The cork states “work hard, picnic often”

Mallow Run Winery, award winning wines

20 thoughts on “Mallow Run Rhubarb wine

  1. I usually do not like sweet wine, but might give it a try. Wine with cheese and crackers is a winner. I remember many evening sitting under the awning sipping wine and discussing the woes of the world, and solving most of them. Enjoy!


  2. sounds delicious; btw, I am slightly envious of your travelling life style: I moved into my own caravan in my early fifties and worked all over England (short-term contracts), so it was a great way to see the country. Now I am still in the ‘van (I think you’d call it. a small trailer), and stationary on a modest residential site, with shed and a small walled yard. I travel 2x pa. to my native Ger, but without the ‘van. Enjoy what you are doing πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for sharing. Your journey cross country while working must have been a real experience. Glad you get to return to your native Germany regularly. We do enjoy getting out again to travel as this danged virus is slowly loosening its grip on the world. Be safe, and be Blessed.

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  3. Hi Maj and Sher, Rhubarb wine sounds wonderful! We are also fans of trying and experimenting with wines. My husband used to make wine years ago. A memorable one was a dandelion wine. You have inspired me to look for some unique local wines. πŸ™‚

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