Mallow Run Rhubarb wine

It was time to open the bottle of Rhubarb wine that we purchased at the Mallow Run Winery yesterday, catch up on that story here. We were interested in the Rhubarb wine after reading about it on the winery website.

It is listed as their number one seller, sweet, but with that unique Rhubarb zing. They recommend pairing the wine with a cheese plate or green salad.

It is unique and delicious! We are having it with Triscuit crackers and we love the sweet Rhubarb taste.

The cork states “work hard, picnic often”

Mallow Run Winery, award winning wines

Trying out Mallow Run Winery

A hot sunny day with no rain in sight so we decided to try a new (to us) local winery.  The Mallow Run Winery near Bargersville, Indiana has been open to the public since the early 2000’s. The land where the grape arbors stand have been in the family since 1824, and is a Hoosier Homestead Farm.

Coming off of Whiteland Road you pass through perfectly manicured grape arbors. When you reach the tasting room you are immediately impressed with the barn structure. The original hand hewed timbers were salvaged from and repurposed from the 1824 barn.

The tasting is free for up to four samples, which of course is a great deal and not that common anymore. Sher and I tried different and in a couple of cases the same wines. One we really were interested in was the rhubarb wine. The wine is sweet, but with the distinctive rhubarb taste.

Beautiful arbors

Outdoor stage






Mallow Run Winery has a beautiful outdoor stage and lawn area behind the barn. There is a full set of summer concerts planned for the 2021 season. We will defiantly be taking in one of the concerts. Our hostess shared that there will be wine slushies available for the concerts!

We decided to purchase two bottles of wine. We did go for a bottle of the rhubarb wine, and in addition, we got a bottle of “Picnic Red”. There were other wines on the list that we tried, some we liked, some we didn’t. However we think that along with the concerts, we’ll be returning for more wine. Click here for the Mallow Run website.