Recent hospital stay’s good, bad, and ugly

Here they are in pictures that tell it all:

The Good: a decent breakfast

The Bad: Two failed attempts at blood draw, these hurt

The Ugly: They had a time finding veins. They never did.

64 thoughts on “Recent hospital stay’s good, bad, and ugly

  1. OM Gosh, your so bruised! I hope that goes away soon, Maj. I suggest picking up a tube of Zinc Oxide cream, it makes my bruises go away much faster. The food does look good for hospital food!

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  2. So sorry your hospital did not have good Vampires! I have bad veins, they roll, they collapse, and they don’t like needles! I used to have on big vein on my wrist that I would make them use, one nurse told me, “Save that one for when you are older. I said, “I’m 60 now how much longer should I wait?” The food does look awesome! Take care and stay safe.

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  3. I have a lot of sympathy for you! That looks really bad. They often have the same problem finding veins in my arms or even worse, the vein rolls and they chase it. I haven’t ever been that black and blue though.


  4. thanks for sharing – the food looks indeed much better than it would round here. As for taking bloods, My veins are like that. I have had to learn to ask medical staff to let me have a real hot hand bath – then the ones on the back of my hand come up fine. One of yours looks like it might too. But you know what medical staff are like when it comes to taking advice fro a PATIENT. I am learning assertiveness and I hope you have a trick to hand, too.

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      • I want to donate platelets, because there’s a shortage and I have a high count, but the Red Cross has asked me not to due to my vein issues. I end up clotting and it’s a waste of a lot of time and supplies.

        I think I’m doing a blood donation this weekend.

        I saw that there’s a great, easy, special light that clearly show veins. It’s super expensive ($1200) but it still seems like something they, and hospitals, should stock!! Esp because it can also show where the needle is… so no poking through or missing veins!

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  5. Ouch. They did a job on the arm at the crease. Wow. I get little bruise dots from sloppy vampires, but wow, nothing like that. At least they gave you a decent breakfast to make up for shoddy vimpireizmo.

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