Brood X cicada invasion is in our backyard

Ok, maybe one cicada sighting doesn’t rate “invasion”, but we have been waiting for these ugly things to emerge.  Brood X is the designation given to this bunch of cicadas, who have been underground for 17 years. You can read all about them just about everywhere.

It was long after dark when we spotted one hanging on a tarp that we had over some stuff on a couple of card tables. The cicada is crawling out of its now hard shell.

Starting to leave its shell

Doing a back bend to get out








This morning the cicada was beside its now abandoned shell. Usually they are on tree trunks at this point, but this guy ended up on a green tarp.

Finally free, its just chilling

Side view: you can see details of the cicada and its abandoned shell








Like I said, we’ve been waiting for the cicadas to emerge. The weather has been hot enough that the soil should have been warm enough a couple of days ago. Oh well, at least things are starting to happen. It will remain to be seen how many cicadas will emerge in our yard, or in our town. And maybe this one we have will start producing that loud obnoxious sound today.


52 thoughts on “Brood X cicada invasion is in our backyard

  1. I have a friend who knows my love for hiking, who keeps reminding me that these things are a favorite food for copperhead snakes and to be aware now of even the trees I pass for a copperhead is not above climbing is search of its snack. Oh joy.

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    • First I’d heard that! Copperheads, IMHO are one of the most sinister of the fanged snakes. They give no warning, would rather strike than flee, and with their markings can disappear completely from view. Having one in a tree is even more frightening…

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      • Last year when I began working in my yard and undoing years of neglect, I came across copperheads at various locations. Every time I was within striking distance. Neither time did either of them coil to strike. I have a friend who is a ‘snake guy’ who actually has presentations on snakes. I’ve learned a lot about them from him. I also now know that they are making a medication for cancer tumors from the venom of copperheads. I still am glad I haven’t seen one since I got the yard cleared of hiding places.


  2. We got a different brood last year, and it was very bad. I could not go outside during the day because there were so many flying at once, and emerging. Our area had a heavy concentration. I looked at the map this year, and it looks like this brood will be farther away from us. I read that concentration can be as much as a million cicadas per acre. The noise is very loud. During that time, I noticed that most birds left, and after the cicadas were gone, they returned. It was a long six weeks.


    • So far reports here are noting spotty concentrations, but emergence has really just started. Time will tell, I guess. Sher read yesterday that the noise made hurts the birds, you have confirmed that. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  3. We haven’t seen any yet, but it’s been a pretty cool spring in my corner of the world. Rumor has it we will be thick with them this year. I know they can cause problems and when there are a lot of them they can be hard to deal with, but I have such fond memories of collecting cicada shells when I was a kid that I don’t really mind so much.


  4. I must be in the minority here, I think they’re kinda cute AND I like their sounds! I suppose I love nearly all the sounds of spring & summer, though. I hope they don’t gobble up your plants or crops.


  5. They are a bit ugly but I like the sounds they make. In Michigan, I heard a few of them at once as though they were talking to each other. We have them here in the desert, they only make that sound when it’s in the dead heat of summer.

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  6. These critters are so interesting. We used to have a lot that I’d notice, but not so much now. We were up in Missouri one year when they were so many of them. So loud! 🙂


  7. Here in Maryland, Brood X came above ground last week … and those suckers are making their loud song. It’s fascinating to see them and know they’ve been below ground for 17 years. And there’s a lot of them!


  8. We have been wondering when we will see or hear them here in AZ. They may be too smart to come here. But probably the love the heat! I remember of hearing them when we had a house. Haven’t seen or heard them this year yet.


  9. We have cicadas every summer in Nebraska. I have no idea how to tell one brood apart from another. I do enjoy their buzzing. The sound is one of the few things I truly enjoy about summertime.

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