Squirrels are just plain cute

Squirrels often appear in our backyard. Sometimes one, other times up to 8 together.

34 thoughts on “Squirrels are just plain cute

  1. Squirrels? cute? they are horrible! (imho) Rats with bushy tails and good PR. If they get in your house they’re the very devil to get rid of. Hubby likes them but we both go to great lengths to keep them away from our bird feeders! I don’t mind them in the wild, but I do not want them in my garden!

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  2. Those little hands…..they are adorable! Except for the time they chewed through our screen and then chewed through the plastic bag to get to some bird food. My dog was barking like a maniac to alert me: “Thieves in the screened porch!” But I still get a kick out of the little devils!

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  4. I grew up knowing this old guy in my neighborhood who had some great stories. He once told me how he captured a whole gang of squirrels in a canvas bag. They were walking across his yard…in size places. (Just to make a long story short.)

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