Remember the Alamo… and other stuff

We’ve been to San Antonio a couple of times. Once was over New Years and was it cold! However, San Antonio is a wonderful spot to visit. The River Walk gives you a chance to stroll along the river and have a great meal. You can also take a fun boat tour of the river.  There’s lots to enjoy along the River Walk.

View of the River Walk from a pedestrian bridge

It was a nice warm day to explore downtown

The Alamo, a special place



The Alamo is just one of the many historic sites to explore and enjoy. Be advised the  Alamo is one of the most important and revered places in Texas. No pictures are allowed in the edifice. And men, be sure to remove your hat upon entering.


27 thoughts on “Remember the Alamo… and other stuff

  1. We fondly remember the Alamo, too! Loved seeing a piece of history up close. I forgot the hat thing but it was impressed upon us NEVER to touch the walls! The river walk was an experience one should not miss. Thanks for reminding me! Safe travels!

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  2. Joined the Air Force right out of high school and did my basic training in San Antonio. Got to venture into San Antonio to see the sights. I have a picture I took in the 1960s of the Alamo.

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  4. San Antonio is a fun city. We stayed in the Menger Hotel next to Alamo in 2004. I even got a photograph of a ghost in a window of the Menger Hotel. Did you ever see Pee Wee Herman’s adventure where he gets knocked out riding a bull or horse or it could have been something else, and the cowboys reviving him asks Pee Wee if he remembers anything and Pee Wee says: “I, I, I… remember the Alamo!” It was totally predictable, but so funny when Pee Wee said it. It’s probably on YouTube.


  5. San Antonio was the last place I visited in the US. I was there for a convention, in some big hotel near the Riverwalk, and have good memories. That was in 1989, and I haven’t been back since.


  6. Oh what memories of the River walk you’ve stirred up. Jon and I took the boat tour, then walked around and found a great place to eat. We left the restaurant and soon after, a tiny yappy dog ran up to me and bit me on my thigh. Good thing my jeans were tight. No teeth penetrated. The next day I had a big bruise from the bite and two smaller ones from his paws. Note to self: stay away from tiny yappy dogs.


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