Travel into history

Why they celebrated the new concrete paving!

One journey that is enjoyable is following the Old National Road, aka US 40. For one thing, you are not on an interstate! Anyway, near Brownsville, Ohio, east of Columbus, you’ll find the Eagle’s Nest Monument. It was erected around 1916 after a 29 mile stretch of the then unimproved and often nearly impassable road was replaced with concrete. The stretch of highway ran from Zanesville to Hebron. The large granite rock has some great markings, including a rough Conestoga wagon.

The Eagles Nest monument

Conestoga wagon etched into the granite






You are 220 miles from the start of the National Road in Cumberland, MD.

Get off the interstate and travel the Old National Road anywhere along the route in any state. The signage is excellent and easy to follow, and you won’t be bored!

29 thoughts on “Travel into history

  1. Around 1935, the newly formed Harlem Globetrotters still were making visits to small towns in Iowa, Illinois, and no doubt elsewhere. They were scheduled to come to my parents’ hometown, Melcher, Iowa, but the game had to be postponed when their Model As got stuck in Iowa spring mud — just like in that first photo!

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  2. Loved reading about this style of traveling. When I was three and again when I was five, my parents and grandparents drove from Tennessee to California (1949 and 1951). Great trips with exciting encounters with porcupines and mountain roads that had partially dropped off the mountain — loved the signs, the primitive museums, the funny little cabins and “last chance for –” signs. I need to get back to that kind of adventure!

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