Want to visit NOLA again

We’re 15 days away from our second dose of the COPVID-19 vaccine. Shortly after that it should kick in and offer us a measure of protection from the virus.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, known for music, food and revelry. Note the famed balcony iron work in the background

Red beans and rice with smoked sausage

The band at Bamboula’s







We are standing in front of the tomb of Marie Laveau, the famed Voodoo Queen. This is reportedly the most visited tomb in New Orleans.

We are not sure exactly when we’ll decide to travel again. But one place we do want to visit again is New Orleans. Sher and I both so enjoyed our last visit there back in 2018. We loved the food, the music and the atmosphere of this excitingΒ  place. There is so much to see and do in NOLA.Β  It will definitely be on an upcoming itineraryΒ  of ours.

44 thoughts on “Want to visit NOLA again

  1. One of my faves! I think I was a jazzman there in a previous lifetime. The 1st time I visited, I knew my way around The Quarter instinctively. My only other visit was on a New Year’s Eve. We were treated to TWO massive fireworks displays: one for the East Coast TV audience (at 11 PM Local) and a massive show at midnight. Can’t wait for my next beignet or a Po’ Boy, live tunes at Preservation Hall (even if I hafta sit on the floor.) I’ve raved about it so much, My Beloved Sandra (who’s never been there) will probably be disappointed.
    We’re both waiting for Needle # 2, too.

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  2. One of my best friends, a former military buddy, was from New Orleans. Later moved to Amite. He and a lot of his friends would set up a yearly Memorial Day week music fest– everything from jazz to rock’n’roll to Broadway show tunes on their forest acreage. Miss those days since he passed away. Enjoy your travels.


  3. I’m 15 days behind on blog-reading so amusing to see you say “We’re 15 days away..” – hope your second dose went well!
    Hopefully you’ll get back to NOLA soon enough too πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you the 2nd jab went well yesterday. Having some β€œmild to moderate β€œ side effects, hope to be done with those soon. And we’re thinking that NOLA 2022 Mardi Gras just may be in the cards. πŸŽ‰

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