Some more things spotted in the yard

Here’s some more images of some plants around the yard. We did get a nice thunderstorm this afternoon. I won’t have to water anything today.

We decided to use both sink compartments for flower plantings. We’ll get another something for a bird bath. Since we have put up the bird feeder our backyard has become very popular with the neighborhood avian population.








The rose bush is new, just got it planted a few days ago. We were surprised and happy to see the new bloom at the peak of the bush! Roses are so pretty…

12 thoughts on “Some more things spotted in the yard

  1. We bought a new refrigerator this morning. The salesman asked if we wanted to keep the old one, take off the doors, and use it as a planter outside. We told him we’ll pay the $30.00 disposal fee. I’m sure he was joking, although it was difficult to tell since his smile was hidden behind his mask. Your yard is looking lovely.

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