Peppermint is conquering the yard

Going everywhere

We know that mint takes over anything in its way. This peppermint is sure proving what is said about it. It grows fast and spreads faster. We planted this mint with the idea that it would take over the strip of grass between the house and the sidewalk. It is off to a good start, as it started with a single plant last fall.

Some more things spotted in the yard

Here’s some more images of some plants around the yard. We did get a nice thunderstorm this afternoon. I won’t have to water anything today.

We decided to use both sink compartments for flower plantings. We’ll get another something for a bird bath. Since we have put up the bird feeder our backyard has become very popular with the neighborhood avian population.








The rose bush is new, just got it planted a few days ago. We were surprised and happy to see the new bloom at the peak of the bush! Roses are so pretty…

Got the flowers planted

The flowers we got a couple of days ago have been planted in some of our containers.  We have had a beautiful couple of days in a row now, great for outside yard work. Our son was a big help in this project, and we also displayed some rocks we’ve collected during our travels.

Got the fence put up

Yesterday Roadtirement posted about our backyard projects. Our son got the mulch placed around the tree. I got most of the fence sections scraped and painted to go around the mulch bed.

This morning I set out the fence sections that were done. Turns out I just needed four more sections to complete the circle around the tree. It did not take too long to prepare and paint four more sections, let them dry, and install. You can see the result, above. The green stuff on the mulch is the seeds and such falling off the tree.

Hang in there, don’t be too bored, and keep using those safe practices

Some backyard projects while Roadtirement is shutdown

We had another day of nice weather today. The sun was out, temps did hit the high 60s and there was a moderate breeze. A good scenario for some backyard projects.

Work in progress

Ready for a border and flowers






One project was the placement of mulch at the base of one of the trees in our backyard. The plastic bags that package the mulch makes for a decent barrier to keep unwanted weed growth.

The old flaky paint must go

Spray painting the scraped sections






While our son was putting down the mulch, I was scraping old paint off some flower bed border fence sections. I spray painted them as well. Got about half of the ones I need done to circle the new mulch bed around the tree.

Next will be the decision on the plantings in the mulch. It felt good getting some outside work done today. And I didn’t watch any COVID-19 briefings from our governor or from Trump. That was nice….

Stay safe, get some exercise, social distance yourself and wash those hands.