Got the fence put up

Yesterday Roadtirement posted about our backyard projects. Our son got the mulch placed around the tree. I got most of the fence sections scraped and painted to go around the mulch bed.

This morning I set out the fence sections that were done. Turns out I just needed four more sections to complete the circle around the tree. It did not take too long to prepare and paint four more sections, let them dry, and install. You can see the result, above. The green stuff on the mulch is the seeds and such falling off the tree.

Hang in there, don’t be too bored, and keep using those safe practices

25 thoughts on “Got the fence put up

  1. I have periwinkles, petunias, daisies, mirabilis jalapas and Marigolds too. The firespikes, anthuriums, roses, hibiscus and bougainvilleas all vie for my love. I confess that the blooming, sprawling bougainvilleas have a big space in my heart.


  2. Looks good, but if you’ll pardon me for being a curmudgeon, I’d do without the fence in order to be able to mow the grass right up to the edge. Using a trimmer takes extra time and trouble (but then, to each his own). ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Well, $1 was spent at a yard sale some time ago for the pile of fence sections. A bit of time in steel brushing the old paint off was followed by spray painting with Rust-oleum. Sher bought the sections. Maj did the cleaning, painting and placement. Any other questions?


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