Some backyard projects while Roadtirement is shutdown

We had another day of nice weather today. The sun was out, temps did hit the high 60s and there was a moderate breeze. A good scenario for some backyard projects.

Work in progress

Ready for a border and flowers






One project was the placement of mulch at the base of one of the trees in our backyard. The plastic bags that package the mulch makes for a decent barrier to keep unwanted weed growth.

The old flaky paint must go

Spray painting the scraped sections






While our son was putting down the mulch, I was scraping old paint off some flower bed border fence sections. I spray painted them as well. Got about half of the ones I need done to circle the new mulch bed around the tree.

Next will be the decision on the plantings in the mulch. It felt good getting some outside work done today. And I didn’t watch any COVID-19 briefings from our governor or from Trump. That was nice….

Stay safe, get some exercise, social distance yourself and wash those hands.


12 thoughts on “Some backyard projects while Roadtirement is shutdown

  1. This is great, I’m glad you guys got outside and got some yard work done. Feels good eh? The air in the spring up there always smells refreshing to me. Your son is a great guy, always at work at your sides. 😎


  2. Nice work. I have so much work I could be doing on the property. I do what needs to be done and generally let the non-essential things slide.


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