Seen in our backyard

Just a couple of images from our backyard. This really isn’t a photo blog, but we do like to share pictures. So maybe it is a photo blog….








The writing tool is in the mushroom picture for scale. We got the Black Cherry tree at a local DNR giveaway. It is in a tomato cage to protect it as it starts to grow. We also got a couple of Tulip trees as well.

10 thoughts on “Seen in our backyard

  1. Pretty good sized mushroom. We have a yellow Bing cherry that the blooms usually get frozen. We’ve only had cherries from it two or three years in the 20 years we’ve had it.

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  2. It’s a mixed blog with photos too. That’s what I call a Puff Ball. They get really big in Michigan, a guy I worked with for years will take one home, dice it up and cook it!


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