Yes, you are seeing a pink elephant

We had to turn around and get a picture of this.

This pachyderm lives, appropriately, in the corner of a liquor store parking lot in Fortville, Indiana, northeast of Indianapolis. Search “pink elephant Fortville” on Google maps, you’ll find him.


23 thoughts on “Yes, you are seeing a pink elephant

  1. This gave me a chuckle.. many decades ago, after a hectic 24+hour shift bumping out a major rock and roll show, heading on on public transport with two close friends who had worked the same hours, we went past a shop that had a garish inflatable pink elephant on top of it. It was only after about 12 hrs sleep, we reconvened for meal, and realised that we all had seen it and we weren’t hallucinating, lol! Pink elephants always make me think of that.


  2. I live in Knightstown Indiana and have been to see that “pink elephant” since I was a teenager!! I still remember the first time I was told about it and then actually saw it…lol!! It’s an awesome piece!!


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