Hot chili on a cold night

Seattle was seeing a very rare 6 inch snowfall. Our grandson was home on a school snow day. And more snow was in the forecast as well. Seemed like a great night to have chili for supper.

A perfect snow day meal!

Our son-in-law made a crock pot full of tasty, hot and spicy chili. It included chili hot beans, diced tomatoes, black beans and elbow macaroni. I know he used some chili powder and other secret ingredients. Topped off with fresh diced onions and shredded cheese we all had a warm and filling supper suitable for a cold snowy night. Our son-in-law and daughter are both great cooks.


26 thoughts on “Hot chili on a cold night

      • Chili is always vegetarian. If it has meat, it’s chili con carne.

        I was curious about the macaroni in the chili. I’ve never seen that before. Is that a Seattle thing or a family thing or what?


      • Macaroni or other pasta in chili has been around for a long time. Not tagged to any region I don’t think. While technically “chili con carne” by definition is “chili with meat” there are many recipes for chili that include ground beef, sausage or both. So I have to disagree, “chili” is not always vegetarian. Thanks for the visit and the comments. πŸ˜‰


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