Chief Tecumseh statue








It is always fun when travelling to come across an interesting attraction. We found this striking likeness of the famous Chief Tecumseh near the Wabash River levee in Vincennes, Indiana. The statue is the creation of Peter “Wolf” Toth, a Hungarian artist, and is the most recent addition (the 74th) to the “The Trail of Whispering Giants” series of statues scattered across the country.

8 thoughts on “Chief Tecumseh statue

  1. How did I miss this? Well, that settles it! I need to go back to Vincennes one of these days.

    I live near Chillicothe, Ohio and in an area that was once hunting grounds for the Shawnee. We have an outdoor drama that tells the story of Tecumseh. Visiting Vincennes and learning about Tecumseh’s connection to that area was pretty exciting for this history nerd but I don’t recall this statue.



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