Abe Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois

The formal parlor in the Lincoln home

During our travels we have enjoyed some of the sights and historic attractions in Springfield, Illinois. The only US National Park in Illinois is the four block area that includes the home of Abraham Lincoln and his family. Lincoln only owned one house during his life, and it was this one in Springfield.

Today the home is completely restored including what is touted as original Lincoln family furniture and other items. You have to go on a guided tour of the Lincoln home. Tickets are free but you do need a ticket. The tickets are available at the information center. There were not a lot of people there today but there were a couple of bus loads of tourists. We did have to wait a couple of hours before our tour. On a real busy tourist day it might take a while to be able to take the tour.

The tour was quick, maybe a half hour at the most. I would have liked to really look at some of the furnishings of the house, but those NPS Rangers kept you moving, and by golly you better not even touch the walls or even the door jambs! I understand not wanting things worn out but to yell at a fellow who puts his hand on a painted wood door jamb? Oh well, it was still fun to see the Lincoln house.

A ‘classic’ view of the home

These parlor chairs are said to be Lincoln’s in this house. The NPS guide said they went into storage after Lincoln moved to DC. and were recovered.

Lincoln’s desk in his upstairs bedroom. Legend says he wrote his debates with Douglas at this desk.

Lincoln’s dresser with wash basin and pitcher and shaving gear.

When it is too cold to go to the outhouse…

The four block historic area around the Lincoln home on the left

There are lots of displays in the info center as well as a couple of short films. And of course the gift shop was packed with just about everything Lincoln you could imagine.

14 thoughts on “Abe Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois

  1. Ha, had to laugh, apparently the custodians haven’t changed a bit from when I used to go there in my childhood – remember the “extra” scrutiny I would get as soon as I stepped into the house hehehe. As with the other other posts, appreciated the chance to look back.


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