Some favorite portraits of birds

Here’s a few photos we got of some of our feathered friends.

Young robin right out of the nest

Starling parent, bottom, feeding youngster, top

Red bellied woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker

Immature White Ibis

Female Pileated Woodpecker

Brown Pelican

We have always enjoyed birdwatching and found it exciting to see various birds as we have traveled the country. When COVID hit, stopping our travels, we also began to enjoy birding in our own backyard. We both were surprised at how many different species visited our home.


33 thoughts on “Some favorite portraits of birds

  1. I enjoyed these very much. I started bird watching during the pandemic as well. I signed up for the Birds Canada winter Feederwatch. I was amazed how many birds came to our feeder. I will be doing it again this year but not the whole winter just up to the end of December . We go away then and I have a friend who will come to top up the feeder. Can’t have the birds going hunrgry in the winter!


  2. We are currently being terrorized by a Downy Woodpecker. It has been attacking the front porch posts, the garage door (aluminum) and the shutters (also aluminum). The racket is annoying but the damage is getting to the point of becoming expensive! So far the mylar streamers haven’t done much except chase it to a new location. Soon the house will look like a Christmas tree covered in tinsel!


    • Dang, that is a pain for sure. I’m surprised it is going after the aluminum garage door. You’d think one peck and it would realize that it is not wood! At least you’re going into the Christmas season, so the tinsel will be appropriate. Good luck with your obnoxious and unwelcome visitor.


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