A lovely site for a picnic

On our trip the other day to visit family in Ohio we were looking for covered bridges. In Greene County (east of Dayton) we came across this lovely pull off and saw a large information sign. That was our cue to stop.

Nice gazebo, note the covered picnic tables

Large covered seating place

Old cast iron drinking fountain






The signage explained that this was one of two turn offs at trail heads for the Indian Mound Reserve. The park was quite large according to the map and included an Indian Mound, multiple trails of varying lengths, picnic grounds, and a scenic falls and river.

Been around a while…

Ok, it’s not covered, but still a bridge

Enjoying a beautiful day in Ohio

Time constraints and schedule did not allow us to explore the falls or any of the other trails in the lovely county park. The people of Greene County are fortunate to have such a lovely facility to enjoy.


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