A new bridge with an old design

On the way from home base in central Indiana to family in Columbus, Ohio, a bit of research revealed the locations of a few covered bridges. If you have visited our site before, you probably know of our enjoyment visiting, photographing, and sharing our findings. Having noted a location of the Hyde Road bridge, we were quite surprised when we noted on the signage that the bridge was built in 2014!

OK, it is covered, but a cupula?

While the exterior of the structure was not at all similar to the “classic” covered bridge designs a stroll through the bridge revealed the very familiar Howe through truss design. The two metal rods for posts and the angled braces and counter braces are very familiar. Those braces had a metal fitting for attachment to the top and bottom chords, and rafter fasteners were different including modern truss nail plates.

Truss design is familiar, details vary from “normal”

A different multi window design

Modern designed deck supports






The bridge spans the Little Miami Scenic Trail on E Hyde Road. We did see several bike riders enjoying the wide paved trail that runs under the new bridge. One other change from the old classic covered bridges is the thin asphalt pavement overlay on the bridge deck . While the clip-clop of equine hoofs do sound out, not having a wood deck is, well, a bit hard to appreciate.

This was built when??

Window view of the bike trail






The Hyde Road Bridge is also known as the Richard P Eastman Covered Bridge, the name of which shows on Google maps. The bridge was constructed by R.G. Zachrich Construction who has constructed other reproduction bridges in the state.

18 thoughts on “A new bridge with an old design

  1. Interesting. I love seeing your covered bridges. What is the purpose of the cupola on the top? I loved seeing the little pony and cart. What a cutie and his driver was telling him he was a “good boy”. That is nice


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