Cicada emerges

Last year was supposed to be the great 17 year mass cicada emergence across the Midwest and East coast. In our part of Indiana we only saw one cicada shell and heard none of the loud insects. Within the last two weeks we have heard a lot of cicadas at night. We have found four of them on the tires of our vehicle. One is in the photo, above. They missed the big show by a year…

14 thoughts on “Cicada emerges

    • Those cicada killer wasps are both awesome and scary. Thankfully they only go after cicada and don’t have stingers! In a previous home we had quite the colony of killer wasps, they loved making their burrows in the sand under our pool pavers.


  1. I heard cicadas for the first time as a child, 8 years old, on a vacation in then Yugoslavia. There they started to make their sound in the evening. I liked it. In later years they nearly disappeared completely because of extensive use of insecticides, like so many others.


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