Bond Cemetery Road Bridge, abandoned

Bond Cemetery Road Bridge, aka Brown County Bridge #36, is a very interesting bridge that has been abandoned and is, frankly, degrading at a fairly rapid pace. The website states: “The bridge is severely deteriorated and the bridge is at an increasing risk for collapse. One of the plates that is part of the floorbeam and hanger system is cracked so badly it is split nearly in half. (see photo below) Many diagonal and vertical members have extremely severe section loss at the heads. Restoration of this bridge would likely need to include disassembly and restoration of these parts in a shop setting.”

Abandonment is, ah, obvious

This historic bridge was constructed in 1908 by the Pan-American Bridge Company of New Castle, Indiana, who were very prolific iron bridge constructors in Indiana. The technical design name of this bridge is a single-span, pin-connected Pratt through truss with an “I” beam approach to the south. The bridge rests on metal abutments, wingwalls and round caisson piers.

The concrete filled metal caisson foundation

The cracked plate referenced above

Looking through the decorative lattice guardrail at North Fork of Salt Creek

Bridge behind camera looking down old Bond Cemetery Road














This bridge spans the North Fork of Salt Creek and is a couple of hundred yards south of Green Valley Road on what is left of Bond Cemetery Road. The old road bed continues towards Highway 46 past the cemetery of that name. There was discussion in the early 2000’s about building some type of trail along the road, including refurbishing the bridge as part of the trail. Too bad nothing ever came of that plan.

Note the “interlaced” I beam verticals, and the moss growing on the deck boards.

This is one of those stories that apparently will not have a happy ending. The private owner of the bridge does not seem to care if the bridge collapses. According to the experts at it is not a matter of if, but when this classic 1908 bridge goes down. What a shame.


24 thoughts on “Bond Cemetery Road Bridge, abandoned

  1. A very pretty bridge in a beautiful setting. It is such a shame. Too bad the owner is not interested in turning it over to someone who could restore it. If that is even possible, at this point.


    • It is tough to read about this, especially when you have walked on those soon to be rotting deck boards. We both love history and historic places, and yes, it hurts to see this piece of history rust away Thank you Crandew for stopping by and contributing a sincere comment.

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    • It did give me pause when we first stood there looking at the decking. So far the decking is still secure, but with normal weathering coupled with some serious moss growth it won’t be long before the deck will become a means of unannounced swimming in North Fork of Salt Creek.

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    • In the first link in the post there is a reference to somebody who proposed making a trail utilizing the bridge. It did not go through. I dpn’t know the staus of the abandoned road as well… Thanks for your interest, Stella.

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